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CRH is a Kent based family run business focussed on providing sustainable products to businesses and individuals. We recognise the importance of providing for the next generation and our business practises reflects that.

We have an established nursery of growing Paulownia trees for use as windbreaks, shade, biomass, feed fodder, honey production and ornaments. These carbon busting trees can grow up to 12 metres high in four years and consume 10 times more carbon dioxide than any other tree species. Read more about our trees...

Paulownia Trees by CRH

Have you ever thought of a tree as an investment? We say trees are a small but significant way of investing in
the future of the next generation. Learn more…

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Our paulownia trees are sterile, non invasive hybrid clones with five to choose from for either biomass or finished timber production. Cotevisa 2 is the hybrid that CRH planted commercially in Kent, UK in 2019 (with great results) and it is a registered and patented hybrid which took 10 years of research to establish. Information on the other 4 hybrids can be found by clicking on the green tabs below but some of the main key facts about Cotevisa 2 are as follows:

  • Fastest growing deciduous hardwood on the planet.
  • Sterile.  Non-invasive or harmful to native flora.
  • Absorbs more CO2 than any other tree in the world.
  • Tolerates temperatures of -20°C to 50°C
  • Adapts to different soil types and climates
  • Allows intercropping, it doesn’t compete.
  • Excellent soil regenerator.  Avoids erosion.
  • Strong rooting system in place.
  • This particular hybrid is registered at the EU CPVO with registery number 2007/1679

Honey Production

Providing honey bees with a natural environment to produce high quality honey. Beekeepers greatly benefit from the melliferous flowers as they produce a large amount of nectar and pollen.



Seedlings supplied by CRH – 5 hybrid varieties available

Specifically for biomass production
• OX3500-B

Specifically for finished timber production:
• PA550-T.Fl – normally flowering
• BE550 – T
• T550-T.Fl – normally flowering

• Cotevisa 2 – can be used for either biomass or finished timber

Seedlings normally supplied from 2-3 months old but some older saplings are often available too.

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Wind breaks

Fruit farms: Protect crops from wind damage
Livestock: Provide natural shelter
Hedgerows: Limit farmland wind erosion
Housing and businesses: Shelter your property


Large leaves are ideal to shade sunny areas and provide shelter for livestock, gardens and protecting valuable fruit crops.​


Paulownia’s grow large beautiful leaves sometimes up to 70 cm wide. These trees are an attractive garden ornament.


Paulownia’s are extremely fast growing and highly suitable for biomass as chips, pellets and logs. The lightness and substantiality of the wood reduces transportation costs reducing environmental impact.​


Being light and very strong, paulownia is a much sought after wood. It can be used for housing components, water sport materials, aircraft and yacht fittings, liquid barrels, construction and much more.

Feed Fodder

The large paulownia leaves are packed with nutritional value similar to that of dairy quality Alfalfa. The leaves are an excellent source of protein, fibre and minerals.​

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The large paulownia leaves are packed with nutritional value similar to that of dairy quality Alfalfa. The leaves are an excellent source of protein, fibre and minerals.​

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Encourage sustainable living by providing key products that are sustainable, affordable and unique.

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Become a pioneer in sustainable living.

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